WPC Siding

The WPC siding Deckplast is a wall cladding suitable for all exterior facades of houses, hotels, public buildings, shops, commercial premises.
Available in 7 colors.
Width – 0.125 m.
Wall thickness – 7 mm.
Thickness of the entire profile – 15 mm.
Length – 2.20 m.
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Like the WPC flooring, siding DeckPlast is a facade cladding made of wood-polymer composite materials. The undeniable advantage of this material is its durability and its similarity to the real tree.  The boards do not rot, do not crush, break, twist or distort, do not need painting, varnishing, protecting or any other annual maintenance, which saves time and money. This solution will help you to create an aesthetic appearance on the exterior facade without requiring additional maintenance.

Siding DeckPlast WS

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Single-sided siding with narrow strips – the profile that withstands moisture, cold, heat and other climatic conditions.

Easy system for hidden installation. It can be mounted on aluminum profiles or keels for plasterboard.


Width: 125 mm

Thickness: 7 mm on the wall, 15 mm with legs

Length: 2.20 m

Siding and decking DeckPlast ND

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Double-sided siding and decking profile, which on one side is decorated with narrow strips and the other is completely smooth. Easy system for concealed mounting of the fasteners.

This type of facade cladding can also be used for floor covering. Since there is no fugue, as with other dekings, it is also suitable for internal layouts. It is mounted directly with the screws, and they remain hidden in the channel.


Width: 150 mm

Thickness: 17 mm

Length: 2.20 m.

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