WPC joists SK

Joist of WPC, suitable for all types of decking floorings. Its dense shape allows for better attachment of the screws and strength.
Extremely suitable for wet and damp areas.

Оwing to its wood-polymer composition does not break, crack or destroy of any weather conditions.
The joists are disposed at a distance from each other in 30-35 cm. It is installed by dowels.


Length: 3m.
Width: 4 cm.

Height: 3 cm.

Available in one color.

Fortified joist LK

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Fortified joist LK for all kinds of decking flooring. It is used for areas with heavy loads or for terrains with greater displacement. This profile is also suitable for building benches.

The formula of the polymer composite used for this joist does not allow breaking, cracking or bursting of the profile, no matter what climatic conditions are subjected. The profiles are mounted in 30-35 cm. distance from each other.


Length: 3m.

Width: 6 cm.

Height: 4 cm.

Available in one color.