Bridged decking Deckplast

мостовиден декинг

Bridged WPC decking Deckplast is a floor covering, suitable for all public places – pools, alleys, restaurants, hotels.
Offers in 7 colors.
Width – 0.138 m. (With Fugue – 0.143 m.)
Thickness – 25 mm.
Length – According to customer’s requirement

Color card

Bridged decking Deckplast DD is reinforced flooring, suitable for public places with heavy load. One side of the deking is decorated with narrow stripes, and its bridged shape makes it extremely durable in loads. Its surface is anti-slip, easy to clean and no special maintenance is required.

Decking systems are the perfect solution and ecological alternative to natural wood, the advantages are that the boards do not rot, do not crush, break, twist or distort, do not need painting, varnishing, protecting or any other annual maintenance.

Decking Flooring Deckplast DD has a much longer lifespan than traditional materials, while ensuring that it will not be necessary to spend time and money to maintain, and it will still look great over the years.

Our WPC (wood-polymer composites) flooring consists mainly of recycled plastics and sawdust from wood or bio material. For the making of WPC decking are used around 55% wood or bio fibres and 35% of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. These components are mixed together with a special mix of additives to enhance protection from ultraviolet rays and increase the longevity of the boards. This makes the deking extremely sturdy and resistant, bearing the softness and feel of wood, but possessing the stability of the polyethylene.

If you need flooring sturdy for your establishment, restaurant, garden – this is the product! We,  Inplast Ltd team,  will provide you with quality service from the choice of appropriate products, to the delivery and installation.

Why Choose WPC decking?

  • Natural color of wood; • no slip • durability; • easy maintenance; • beautiful surface; • hardness of the surface; • resistance to mould and decay; • waterproof

Application of WPC decking Deckplast HD

It is used in the construction and exterior in the form of floor covering. Suitable for swimming pools, saunas, flooring for pubs, restaurants, verandas, terraces, bridges, gazebos, exterior parquet for gardens, parks, alleys, all kinds of public places, etc.

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