WPC Products – The material of the future!

They look like wood, but they’re in times more resilient than he is. They are made of natural fibers, plastics and stabilizers, and this innovative technology guarantees their longevity and durability. All WPC profiles are resistant to friction, weather conditions, salt water, chlorine, insects and biological agents. With the diverse range of dekings, sidings and finishing profiles you achieve unique and individual exterior design of your areas, swimming pools, alleys and facades.

WPC decking floorings

плътен декинг
клик декинг

WPC facade cladding

The siding is lightweight, resistant and durable in atmospheric influences, façade system. It has an energy protection, providing a high degree of heat and sound isolation. There is much lower thermal conductivity than concrete or metal. With its concealed fitting and appearance of wood, makes your architectural design original and with a warm atmosphere.  
сайдинг и декинг

Joists profiles

подсилена скара

Trim profiles

завършващ профил
стъпален профил
челна дъска