We’re already on the Turkish market! 

As a modern and dynamically growing company, expanding its market share with each passing year on the Bulgarian, European and Balkan markets, we have received the trust of a foreign company that will represent us in Turkey as well.

Company Akyildiz is a developing and innovative company that meets the standards and requirements of today’s changing business world. Founded in 1988, with 30 years of experience in construction, there are built over 400 residential and public buildings, as well as years of experience in the sale of building materials.

All Products Deckplast – decking, siding, joists profiles, trim profiles, accessories – can be purchased from the warehouse in the city Tekirda, Turkey with address:

100. Yıl Mah. Suna Kan Cad. No: 7 7 Süleymanpaşa / Tekirdağ

mob: +90 282 293 11 15

For more information: https://www.deckplast.com.tr

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