What is WPC

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WPC (wood-polymer composite) is a material produced from wood or bio-waste and polymers, most commonly combined in a ratio of 55% wood fibres, 35% polyethylene (HDPE) and 10% additives and stabilizers. The biggest advantage of WPC materials is that they retain the best properties of the tree

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(pleasing to the touch, have a natural look) and at the same time wear the strength and durability of polyethylene. Compared to natural wood, it is not necessary to impregnated, dye or treat any preparations. The extra advantage of WPC materials is that they only require basic cleaning to look good. Composite products are not influenced by sun, rain, atmospheric influences, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays, and by the effects of mold, insects and moisture. Our products – decking flooring, siding finishes, underlays profiles, finishing profiles and accessories are manufactured entirely in Bulgaria, allowing us to influence the quality of the materials used from the beginning and to choose The best and most established ingredients. Owing to our 7 years of experience in the production of composite materials, we offer high quality, accuracy and mostly affordable prices. In addition to saving money and time with easy installation and maintenance, WPC dekings and sidings protect the environment. Our production technology includes fully recycled plastics and sawdust or bio-waste, ensuring that no decking wood is carved out of a tree!

Why Choose WPC decking?
• Natural color of wood • Do not slip • Durability • Easy Maintenance
• Surface Hardness • Beautiful surface • Long life • Waterproof • Resistance to mold and disintegration
Application of WPC Decking
Suitable for swimming pools, saunas, flooring for pubs, verandas, terraces, bridges, ports, gazebos, alleys, exterior parquet for gardens, parks, etc.
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WPC Decking Deckplast

The WPC decking is a wood-polymer composite material (WPC – Wood-Plastic composites), which is a safe solution that withstands the test of time. There is a look and smell of wood, but it holds the stability of the plastic. WPC Decking Deckplast is a new, ecologically clean decking system that is applied outdoors. It features low maintenance and a much longer life than natural wood. The concealed fastening system ensures a smooth surface with no visible screws.

WPC siding DeckPlast

Facade cladding Deckplast – ideal product that withstands moisture, cold, heat and other atmospheric influences. WPC Siding is one of the most practical and aesthetic solutions for your facade. Gives elegance and natural appearance to wood, while possessing sound and thermal insulation, resistant to fungi, mold and insects, moisture, bending and influence of the environment. It is produced by special technology of sawdust, plastics and additives, and this formula guarantees its strength, easy maintenance and long life. Installation is easy to reach, with the fasteners remaining hidden. It is widely used as an external and internal cladding of offices, hotels, public buildings, shops, commercial premises, houses, villas, saunas, any wet or damp premises.
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